About Us

I've always had a love for crafting and creating beauty with my own two hands. I come from a family of crafty ladies. My mom encouraged craftiness by taking me to Michael's Craft Store Kid classes every Saturday as a child and regular trips to the craft store for supplies, which I now realize, I'm doing with my own kids. 

Of all of the crafting ventures I've tried, Jewelry Making has won my heart. I've always gravitated to jewelry vendors at craft shows, which gave me the motivation to try to learn how to make jewelry myself, so I could make designs that perfectly fit my style. 

A friend I worked with 10 years ago was making earrings. She volunteered to teach me how to make earrings. Another coworker's husband knew how to make jewelry and also made a lot of elaborate south american chest pieces. He taught me how to make necklaces. From there, I started building and creating using the techniques they had taught me. 

I started making jewelry as a hobby, but I decided to open a shop when I had created more jewelry than I could ever possibly wear. When I first opened my shop, I was making all beaded and wire wrapped jewelry. In 2013, one of my goals for the year was to teach myself to make hand stamped jewelry. My very first design was a basic charm with the name of my pitbull mix stamped on it and a pitbull charm. I volunteered at a local Pitbull rescue at that time and had several requests for necklaces from fellow volunteers. I ended up unintentionally making a shift from volunteering with the rescue to being a vendor at all of their events. Things took off from there. I added personalized mom and family jewelry to my shop after the birth of my son in 2014. I love creating personalized items that carry sentimental value and hearing responses from satisfied customers makes my heart happy! 

In 2016, I became a stay at home mom, after the birth of my daughter. I now get to spend my time doing what I love. I spend my days with my kids making memories and find time when they are sleeping or I can get a sitter to create, teach classes and sell at local shows.